Rules and Regulations

        1.  All deposits to hold a unit are non-refundable       
        2.  Pets (dogs & cats) are not permitted in the unit.
        3.   You are responsible to keep the area around your unit free of trash, beer cans and/or debris of any type.
        4.  Your Garbage is to be put in a plastic garbage bag and into a plastic garbage can with lid.
        5.   Nobody may live in your unit other than the persons listed in your lease.
        6.  Smoke Detectors must be checked weekly.  Replace battery if needed.
        7.  Keep the noise down.  Respect your neighbors.  No loud music before 10:00 am or after 10:00 pm.
        8.  Do not feed stray animals.
        9.  No livestock (chickens, goats, etc.) in or around your unit.
      10.  No major mechanical work is permitted on any vehicle in the park.  All vehicles must have a current tag,
              and inspection sticker.
      11. No speeding or reckless driving in the park.
      12. No fights, domestic disturbances, or drunken behavior will be tolerated.
      13.  Report any suspicious activities to the office
      14.   Thirty days advance notice must be given to the office prior to moving out.  If you do not give a thirty day notice      your deposit is non refundable.


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